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[9 Oct 2008 | No Comment | ]

I have a lot of pressure to comment on the the sweep of the Chicago Cubs in the playoffs. In the past few days, after escaping from my self-imposed hibernation, people have hugged me, apologized and offered their polite condolences. They have also been egging me on for some kind of commentary- perhaps a eulogy to the 2008 Chicago Cubs.
I find that there are not many words that can do justice to this crushing loss – although given the shrine at the bleacher entrance of Wrigley Field, I am not …

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[2 Oct 2008 | One Comment | ]

I didn’t want to post this before the first game of the playoffs but I have a confession to make. I felt a small shift in fate and luck in the Neighborhood the night before the playoffs. My prevoius post was on the “luck” of running into the Dodgers as they arrived in Chicago. I got a picture with former Cubs, Juan Pierre and got to see other Major League greats like Nomar, Manny and Kemp. What I didn’t talk about was a weird moment that was almost like something …

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[4 Sep 2008 | No Comment | ]

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If your team is behind in the game, donning a rally cap is the best way to bring some luck to the field. Sacrificing a small part of your dignity in exchange for the possibility of a win is always reasonable.

Being a Cubs fan, I have a lot of experience with a rally cap. And, as you may know, in the past few home games, I have had a lot of practice invoking the rally cap but to no avail. Let’s just say that …

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[16 May 2008 | No Comment | ]

So, during Cubs season, I am often overwhelmed by baseball. My whole day revolves around the Cubs Clock…an internal clock that determines your work schedule, your commute itinerary, and even how much work you can get done.
With the Cubs at home, my week gets rough. I work. I run home. I stress. I am late but I get into the game in the 2nd inning.
But today, I am overwhelmed by the possibility that I may be become a real bleacher bum. Not the kind …

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[1 May 2008 | No Comment | ]

I recently wrote about the dubious honor of the Cubs 10,000 wins.
Please take a read of my recent blog if you want to understand why I am so suspect of this honor. Let me point out a painful but obvious statistic that since the Cubs hailed that “10,000 Win” flag, they have lost 5 out of 7 games.
Last night, the promotion was a faux “W” flag for the first 10,000 fans. Isn’t that risky business? It’s a flag that you only can use for …

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[24 Apr 2008 | No Comment | ]

We watched the Cubs 10,000th win from a North Side bar-enjoying German brews and great food.
I was a little confused by the enormous celebration. Sure, 10,000 wins is a milestone but hidden in the numbers is years of pain and loss. 10,000 wins represents a long history of baseball in Chicago. Generations of fans have waited for that sacred winning season where “this year is finally here.” 10,000 wins is really over a hundred years in the making. Is it really an accomplishment or …