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[29 Jun 2008 | No Comment | ]

At one time, Shaggy was a hot commodity on the pop charts. Now, he has a new type of global fame-making the transition to global sports anthems. ¬
Every global sporting event (on the level of a World Cup, a regional cup (Euro Cup), Olympics, etc) needs a theme song to commemorate the event. They are often accompanied by a music video, and they are played before ceremonies, matches and during the fanfests. ¬† ¬†Usually, these tunes are glorified marketing slogans, highlighting the event’s silly, (often forgettable) alien mascots. ¬†They …

Austria, Euro 2008, Football (aka Soccer) for Dummies, Switzerland »

[24 Jun 2008 | No Comment | ]

It has taken a few days to recover since our vacation to Euro Cup 2008…or should I say our vacation to Switzerland and Austria. ¬†¬†I am partial to small towns in Europe-where the most active thing you do is take a stroll for a¬†cappuccino. ¬†

We balanced this trip with four days of rest and relaxation in Switzerland-taking in one exciting match in Berne and a glorious experience at the Tour de Suisse. ¬†The rest of the days were spent in the charming and peaceful town of Lucerne- enjoying the amazing …

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[20 Jun 2008 | No Comment | ]

This past Tuesday, June 17th, we spent the day in the beautiful, medieval city of Bern, culminating in a glorious group stage match between Holland and Romania. The city of Bern, on most occasions, is quaint, quiet and charming. But with over 45,000 exuberant Holland fans celebrating in the streets for the entire day, there was nothing quiet or quaint about the visit.
But, who is complaining? These celebrations are part of the Euro Cup experience….well, the crazed fan pissing in the street…not so much. But the revelry…that is …

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[17 Jun 2008 | No Comment | ]

Greetings from Europe. Andrew and I are in the great land of Switzerland…known for its chocolate, its cheese fondue and most of all, its neutrality.
Today, we are headed to the city of Bern in the hopes of scalping tickets to a Euro Cup match. If you ever find yourself scalping on a global front, be sure to bring plenty of cash, small bills included (scalpers do not make change) and a note pad and pen to write your price to a scalper who will NOT speak your language. Never be …