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[2 Oct 2008 | One Comment | ]

I didn’t want to post this before the first game of the playoffs but I have a confession to make. I felt a small shift in fate and luck in the Neighborhood the night before the playoffs. My prevoius post was on the “luck” of running into the Dodgers as they arrived in Chicago. I got a picture with former Cubs, Juan Pierre and got to see other Major League greats like Nomar, Manny and Kemp. What I didn’t talk about was a weird moment that was almost like something …

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[1 Oct 2008 | No Comment | ]

I have been working ten hour days in preparation for the playoffs.
You may think that is extreme, but when you live next to Wrigley, you cannot take a break from playoff baseball. Not a break for rest, relaxation or even your job.
Bull horns going off at 2am. Garbage overflows from dumpsters from the influx of people. And, the sheer number of baseball pilgrims, who just want to be near the stadium warrants barricades and riot police.

Last night, exhausted from all my pre-playoff work and the terrible anticipation of this week, …

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[23 Aug 2008 | No Comment | ]

On my way to the gym, I saw a massive crowd waiting-out a minor rain delay at Murphy’s. There was a shiny, enormous bowl popping out of the crowd. My natural reaction was to think that some ‘tool’ was using this as a beer trough; you see a lot of dumb-ass things outside of Wrigley. But, when I got close enough to see that the “tool” carrying the shiny bowl was actually Chris Chelios and the Stanley Cup, I went into mass panic.

I didn’t have my cell …