The Ultimate Fan Meets Jim McMahon

by Ultimate Sports Wife, Nicole

Heís the Funky QB known as McMahon and at a Holiday Party, he met the Ultimate Fan.

There are moments that are planned, and there are moments that are purely serendipitous. And, then there are moments that boarder on stalking.

Thank God that former NFL hero and star QB for Super Bowl XXís Championship Bears is still as cool as his Oakleys.

After an appearance on Best Damn Sports Show Period, Mr. McMahon took time out of his schedule to party with nearly 10,000 employees at the Fox Corporation Holiday Party. Now, since I am in love with Jim McMahon, I couldnít refrain from writing a portion of this article as a poem, and Ode, if you will, to the magic of meeting McMahon during the holiday season (read to the pseudo-cadence of the "Night Before Christmas"):

Rumors were a buzz and sightings were abound, that Jim McMahon and his random buddy was in town.

And through all the crowd, with a band jamming in back, McMahon drank his beer with sunglasses in tact.

So the Ultimate Fan, with no cool line in his plan, went up to the star and said: "my wife is a fan."

So, the Punky QB was cool enough to say, "thatís cool man...and no, you donít have to go away."

So, McMahon and his Fan, hung out and had a beer, while a few dorky guys chatted about business in the new year.

To bring the focus back and give the conversation some steam, Andrew mentioned that he played against the QBís softball team.

So, after a few drinks down, and a couple pictures or two, McMahon chugged his beer and then left after two.

It was just like a dream, it was surreal and alive...for a moment, we envision, we were back in 1985.

I am embarrassed to say that while writing about 1985, I almost teared up. But, for real, it was a thrill for the Ultimate Fan to meet the Ultimate Quarterback. And, it was even more of a thrill to have Mr. McMahon say that he would check out our humble site.

Andrew Hossom and Sami Tanamly with Jim McMahon.