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San Francisco Giants »

[5 Jul 2008 | No Comment | ]

I booked our flights to San Francisco in early June and called my parents that we were planning to visit over the July 4th weekend. My mom, knowing I would want to go to a Giants game and not a believer in scalping tickets outside the park, logged onto the Giants website and discovered they were selling $32 face value tickets for $12.50 each (you have to buy at least 4 tickets plus a $25 Chevron Gift Card for a total of $75). My mom, excited about the …

Apathy in the Stands, San Francisco »

[4 Jul 2008 | 3 Comments | ]

Being in San Fran for the fourth of July weekend meant only one thing: heading to AT&T Park for the Giants/Dodgers game.
I admit to being a part-time Dodger fan when on the West Coast. Yet, today, I tried to be a team player. I was with my in-laws (long time Giants fans) and given the fact that they were treating for brunch, I was not going to push it.
Any trip to AT&T Park should, at least, involve a quick drink at MoMos. We decided to do brunch. Actually, it was …


[3 Jul 2008 | No Comment | ]

Our friend, Todd a.k.a. “ShowMe-DA-Money,” is newly employed at World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE). Congrats, Todd! 

This is wonderful news. Beyond our interest in sports travel, Andrew and I have the mad skills necessary to be bad-ass, no-holds-barred, off-the-ropes wrestlers. What has been lacking was our “in” with WWE, and perhaps, a great story-line for our Wrestling personas.
I am still working on a potential ideas. Here is one that I have been toying around with for myself: Nikki Fuego, the girl who wrestles with Fire! I was …

Chicago White Sox »

[1 Jul 2008 | No Comment | ]

As expected, I arrived at US Cellular Field and bought an upper deck ticket from the box office for $8.50. I talked to one scalper who wanted $15 for a “better” upper deck ticket but I declined. The surprising part was that my seat was “Limited View” – meaning I was behind one of the poles atop the stadium. Obviously, other fans agreed with my thoughts that it was better to watch the Indians and White Sox play for an $8.50 upper deck seat than the Cubs and White Sox …