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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cubs score 19 runs

April is in the books. The Cubs set a club record with 17 wins in April and I set a personal best by attending 17 games by April 30 (technically 16 in April).

The Cubs scored 19 runs last night (a feat they have achieved only 10 times in the last 50 years). The last time the Cubs scored that many was May 5, 2001 when they beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 20-1. Last night was only the 5th time I have seen a game where a team scored 19 or more runs.

19: Indians (at Twins): July 13, 1996 (30 total runs scored)
19: Expos (at Giants): May 7, 1997
20: Cubs (vs. Dodgers): May 5: 2001
20: Twins (at White Sox): July 6, 2007 (34 total runs scored)
19: Cubs (vs. Brewers): April 30, 2008

Geovany Soto became the 4th Cubs catcher (and the first since 1980) to hit two home runs and drive in six or more RBI in the same game.

Wrigley Field Tip #1: If looking for a good value on beer within Wrigley Field try to find the import beer vendor. For about the same price you can buy an imported beer vs. a domestic. The following is a list of 2008 beer prices at Wrigley Field:

$5.75: Old Style or Budweiser keg beer (16 oz) only portable concession stands - generally by the bathrooms (16 oz)
$6.00: Imported canned beer (Heineken, Amstel Light, etc - 16 oz) from portable concession stands
$6.25: Old Style or Budweiser canned beer (20 oz) at food concession stands
$6.25: Old Style or Budweiser keg beer (16 oz) from beer man



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