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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New York at Chicago (AL) – Game 2

I wanted to write that I went to three games in three ballparks in 27 hours. However, that changed to 28 hours when the second New York at Chicago game of the day lasted 3 hours and 44 minutes.

When I arrived at US Cellular Field, you could tell the team and city felt that with the Yankees in town they needed to have a police “presence.” There were cops on horseback and lots of security. However, based on the crowd inside (25,012), the White Sox overestimated the policing needed.

Bobby Abreu hit a grand slam to give the Yankees the lead, the second grand slam hit during the “red line” doubleheader.

Random Ticket Buying Experience: While I was looking for a ticket, I saw a guy that looked familiar. I asked if I knew him. He said no, but I explained that I met him at a Champagne tasting back in December. He remembered the meeting and sold me his $28 ticket for $20.

White Sox Ticket Buying Tip: As most teams are doing now, the White Sox give season ticket holders a discount off of single game ticket prices (the Cubs do not implement this policy). Thus, if you are looking for extra tickets around US Cellular Field, the face value on a “season ticket” ticket is less than what you will pay at the Box Office – so you’ll save money buying a ticket from a season ticket holder.



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