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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Colorado Rapids at Chicago Fire

Having not been to Toyota Park for about 1 year, I chose to attend the Chicago Fire game last night over the Chicago White Sox. The best thing about soccer is the length of the game (less than 2 hours). Even though Toyota Park is 20 miles from where I live, the game started 90 minutes after the White Sox game but ended at the same time.

Toyota Park is relatively easy to get to. You take Interstate 55, exit Harlem Ave. and drive south for 2.5 miles. There are a couple of restaurants to choose from as you approach the stadium:

1) Grand Duke’s Restaurant (http://www.granddukesrestaurant.com/)
2) Fire Station Pub

Or you can go to restaurants that are along the way (Mi Tierra) as the Ultimate Sports Wife and I did on a previous trip to Toyota Park.

It was $15 to park. Toyota Park allows tailgating which we’ll need to try at some point in the future. I was hoping to get a ticket for around $5 so I walked around to the main box office:

Ticket Buying Tip #3: Most fans trying to get rid of tickets will go to the Box Office and approach people who are standing in line to buy tickets.

Ticket Buying Tip #4: Look for fans with a stack of tickets. They most likely planned to have a large group show up but some people will back out.

I found a guy with a lot of tickets in his hand. I asked if he had an extra ticket. He said he did not feel comfortable selling the ticket but would give it away (fine with me!). He handed me the ticket and I walked in.



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