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Friday, April 25, 2008

Chicago Wolves Playoffs

As I mentioned last week, the Chicago Wolves are the only Chicago based team in the playoffs. Last night, I went to Game 5 between the Milwaukee Admirals and the Chicago Wolves at the Allstate Arena. I actually bought a ticket (through Ticketmaster) before the game. There were two main reasons I chose to buy the ticket through Ticketmaster (paid $21.55 for a $10 ticket):

1) The game started at 7 pm. However, I had a meeting for work that was supposed to end between 7:30 and 8 pm. Since I would miss the first period I needed a ticket in hand. The Wolves cut off ticket sales after the first period. Since it was minor league hockey, I was not too concerned with missing the first period.
2) We still had $37 worth of Ticketmaster gift certificates that I wanted to use. I generally never use Ticketmaster since I normally buy tickets outside the stadium for less than face value.

I arrived at Allstate Arena around 8:15 pm. Since the first period was over they were no longer collecting money for parking, so I saved $11. I walked into the arena as the second period was starting. The Wolves were already up 2-0 and won the game 4-1.

On a side note from the Calder Cup Playoffs, last night's game between Philadelphia and Albany in Albany, NY went 5 OT periods - the longest game in AHL history. The game ended at 12:39 am. The game in Chicago last night was not nearly as exciting, but I was also asleep by 11 pm.



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