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[4 Apr 2010 | No Comment | ]
Buying Tickets to the NCAA Final Four Semifinals

On Friday night I wrote that I would wait to buy tickets to the Final Four semifinals until you are outside of Lucas Oil Stadium. Some people might be nervous about this strategy given 1) you are traveling to Indianapolis without the 100% guarantee of already having tickets in hand and 2) buying tickets from StubHub or a ticket broker guarantees you the tickets are legit.
This morning I almost bought tickets to the Final Four before driving down to Indianapolis. The cheapest tickets for last night’s games have hovered around …

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[2 Apr 2010 | No Comment | ]

Are you planning to buy tickets for the Final Four tomorrow in Indianapolis? Currently ticket prices are higher than I expected – especially for the semifinals tomorrow night. There are two ways to buy tickets to the Final Four through the primary market. First, you can buy tickets through the lottery the NCAA holds one year in advance. Second, you can buy tickets from a school. However, both methods require fans to buy “the strip” which includes one ticket to Saturday night’s semifinal games and …

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[28 Mar 2008 | No Comment | ]

I mentioned that our house has a preferred ticket scalper. Well, the Almighty God of Ticket Scalpers must have heard me because I just spotted our guy walking down Sheffield Ave towards the stadium. Same Cubs jacket, Same Hat, Same thick rimmed glass. This guy looks exactly like a 70 year old Bartman. Today’s sight is like Ground Hog emerging from his hole. Where does this guy go all year ’round?
Now, just cause he is “our” scalper doesn’t mean we chose him. He …