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[12 Jul 2008 | One Comment | ]

As you may know, I have a few posts on the heated debate in our household about whether Jose Canseco is a Hero or Zero. I try not to entertain Jose by publicizing his antics, but lately, he has been such a hot mess that he is hard to ignore.
It started when I was reading my favorite celebrity trash blog, Perez Hilton, and guess who is airing his dirty laundry in US Weekly?
You got it…Andrew’s childhood hero(zero), Jose Canseco. Given his number tell-all books, I didn’t think it was possible …

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[1 May 2008 | No Comment | ]

I feel very bad right now. Remember my moral dilemma?
I was supposed to buy Jose Canseco’s new book, Vindicated, for my Husband. He is an insane fan- so much so, that I almost left my job to buy Jose’s new book, and get an autograph while Andrew was trapped in the burbs.
Well, I am feeling quite guilty that I did not go. It seems that poor Jose is facing some hard times and could really use the cash. It appears that he, like …

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[4 Apr 2008 | No Comment | ]

After the last post, I feel that I need to clarify the level of obsession that the Ultimate Fan has with Jose Canseco…
If Jose Canseco were a real religion, the Ultimate Fan would be the highest priest and perhaps the only member of the congregation.
Yes, that is an air-brushed, Canseco-head on his tee shirt. This photo is courtesy of Ultimate Dodger Fan, Will (AKA BigWillieStyles…who is our paparazzi and quite a great sports photographer). Check out is work at:
BigWillieStyles’Sports Photos
Now, I did a little research to see if …

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[4 Apr 2008 | 2 Comments | ]

I have a moral dilemma. My husband’s childhood sports idol, Jose Canseco, is signing his new book, Vindicated, at the downtown Barnes and Noble. I got a frantic call before leaving for work. The Ultimate Sports Fan was out of breath…“Jose is signing autographs downtown at the Barnes and Noble.”

Assuming that he would skip out of work and drive back into the city, I was excited for him. “Will you go for me?” Apparently, if you cannot make it to see your idol, …