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[29 Aug 2008 | No Comment | ]

I was trying to be good today. My plan was to finish an article I have been working on for longer than I would like to admit. To finish the article, I would have to stay home and NOT go to the Cubs game. I watched, at 1 pm, as Andrew finished his conference call and went off to the game. I sat in my chair in front of my computer- ready for the long haul.

Ten minutes of facebook, checking my email and opening up my word doc, and then …

Free or NOT so Free, Scraping the Bottom of the Sports Barrel »

[29 Jun 2008 | No Comment | ]

Are free tickets really free?
Andrew recently wrote about my dumb luck. I found a free ticket on the streets of Wrigleyville during the first inning of a night game. If you read Andrew’s blog, you know that this almost never happens.  I had the urge to scalp it and grab some free beer money for a future game but had a “better” idea: why not surprise Andrew in the stadium and show up unexpectedly? Brilliant idea? Sure…and romantic, too. Expect for one small detail: Andrew randomly ended up on …