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Friday, May 16, 2008

Chicago Wolves: Free Meal?

Last week, Nicole said she was invited to see Jersey Boys tonight. She asked if there was a sporting event I was planning to attend but at the time, there were none. I checked the regular websites – ticketmaster.com for Chicago and Milwaukee, allstatearena.com and searscentre.com – nothing, no events for tonight. The Cubs are home this afternoon so that was out. Thus, I thought I would relax this evening at the house.

Then on Tuesday, the Chicago Wolves won Game 7 of their 2nd Round AHL playoff series vs. the Rockford Ice Hogs. Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals was then scheduled for tonight at the Allstate Arena for 7:30 pm. Since the Allstate Arena is on my way home from work I am planning to attend.

The Chicago Wolves are running a promotion for their playoff run. For every non-discounted ticket priced at $20 or more (cheapest ticket above $20 is $25 for an individual), the fan receives a free pre-game meal. This offer is only valid for the first 500 people who purchase the pre-game meal ticket. I debated whether to buy the pre-game meal ticket since I will probably get off work around 5:30 pm and be able to arrive when the meal starts at 6 pm.

However, I checked ticketmaster.com this morning and the pre-game meal tickets are sold out. After thinking about it, that probably works out better for me. First, beer is not included with the dinner. Second, without the meal I would plan to buy a $10 ticket. Thus, this whole package deal sounds enticing for the average fan but in reality this game is not worth much overall. At most, I will pay $10 from the box office and I will still have $15 to buy whatever I want. Plus, I may be able to find a free ticket from a fan outside the arena giving me even more money for food.

Now my plan is to buy a $10 ticket at the box office (and hope for a freebie), once I arrive at the arena.



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