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Thursday, May 15, 2008

San Diego Padres at Chicago Cubs: Game 3

The Cubs won tonight 8-5. Alfonso Soriano led off tonight’s game with a home run for the 2nd consecutive night. Last night he passed Brady Anderson for the third most leadoff home runs in major league history. Craig Biggio is #2 with 53 leadoff home runs and Rickey Henderson is #1 with 81 leadoff home runs.

For hopefully the 6th time, I will attend every game of a 4-game series. Since the Padres and Cubs both won a game already I will not see a 4-game sweep. The only series that had the possibility of a sweep was when the San Francisco Giants won the first three games against the San Diego Padres in June 2001 but lost game 4. Below are the results of my prior 4-game series:

July 1994: Red Sox (3) at Athletics (1)
June 2001: Padres (1) at Giants (3) – only series at 3-0
August 2003: Astros (1) at Cubs (3)
September 2003: Cardinals (1) at Cubs (3) – attended the first 4 games of the 5-game series
July 2004: Brewers (2) at Cubs (2)
September 2004: Reds (3) at Cubs (1)



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