Meet the Ultimate Sports Wife

No single person has been to more sporting events with the Ultimate Fan than the Ultimate Sports Wife, Nicole. (It was part of the pre-nup).

She is a loyalist to Chicago teams (Bears, Cubs, Hawks, Bulls), but she clearly is a fan of all sports- taking in an impressive average of 50 games per year. She has been to over 200 MLB games and 15 MLB stadiums. She has traveled to Japan, Korea, all over Europe and considers herself an expert on the best fan fashion from all over the globe. Check out her sports fans stats and read about tips for enjoying games all over the US and world.

Have you driven 700 miles with the Ultimate Sports fan just to see a single game? Have you hopped on a plane to Europe for the weekend just to see some soccer? Write a review and email (ultimatefan AT anygame-anywhere DOT com) your ultimate experience with the ultimate fan.

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Wife Stats:
Games by Year
1997: 8 games
1998: 9 games
1999: 21 games
2000: 33 games
2001: 33 games
2002: 45 games
2003: 43 games
2004: 46 games
2005: 47 games
2006: 37 games
2007: 63 games
2008: 60 games
2009: 34 games
Games by Sport
(since April 1997
- when we started dating)

MLB: 227 games
NBA: 34 games
NFL: 47 games
NHL: 27 games