12 NFL games and 11 NCAA games attended in 2009

The 2009 NFL season started late for the Utimate Sports Fan. He did not attend his first game until November 1. However, he ended up attending 12 NFL games. Adding the 11 NCAA football games he attended it was quite the fall for football.

The Ultimate Sports Fan has attended a game at 51 NFL stadiums and 239 NFL games in total. He only needs to attend a game at Heinz Field to have attended a game at every NFL venue. Check in to read about the Ultimate Sports Fan's experiences. In the meantime, check out the stats and box scores for all of his games ever attended.

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The Stats:
Football Games Attended

NFL: 239 games

College Football: 88 games

AFL / XFL: 9 games

International: 1 game

Major Football Events

1993 NFC Playoffs @ San Francisco
1995 AFC Playoffs @ San Diego
1996 Rose Bowl
1996 NFC Playoffs @ San Francisco
1997 Citrus Bowl
1997 Super Bowl @ New Orleans
2000 Alamo Bowl
2001 NFC Playoffs @ Chicago
2003 Outback Bowl
2003 AFC Playoffs @ Indianapolis
2006 Rose Bowl
2005 NFC Playoffs @ Chicago
2007 Rose Bowl
2006 NFC Playoffs / Championship Game @ Chicago
2007 Emerald Bowl
2007 NFC Playoffs @ Tampa Bay
2007 NFC Playoffs @ Green Bay
2008 Champ Sports Bowl
2009 Emerald Bowl
2009 Alamo Bowl
2009 NFC Playoffs / Championship Game @ Indianapolis

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