Completely Sold out Blackhawks game? by Ultimate Sports Fan, Andrew

It was the Blackhawks first home game since January 24 and for the first time since the Chicago Blackhawks moved into the United Center; the Blackhawks sold every ticket in the building (including all Standing Room Only). I began to realize this as I inquired about ticket at the Box Office – much to my dismay. The first time I approached the Box Office they had a $50 upper level seat. Yuck! The second time I approached the Box Office they had a $285 1st row on the glass ticket. I have always wanted to sit on the glass, but not Sunday since I had only planned to buy a student ticket for $8.

Also, to add to my frustration, I had no cash. Thus, I went to the ATM inside the ticket office and went to search for tickets. No fan had extras so I walked swiftly back down Madison Ave. to where the scalpers normally are. I asked for a cheap ticket from the first scalper I saw. He had a $30 face value ticket. He offered it for $30 which I gladly paid.

In the game I started thinking – What was going on with the Blackhawks? For the second consecutive Blackhawks game I attended, they had sold all of the seats and I had to pay more than expected. Since I knew I was planning to attend tonight’s game I bought an Upper Deck seat for $10.