Pro Bull Riding Day 2 by Ultimate Sports Fan, Andrew

Last night I faced a decision on what sporting event to attend.

1) Pro Bull Riding in Anaheim at 6 pm
2) Long Beach Breakers of the ABA at 7:30 pm
3) Supercross in San Diego at 7 pm

None of the events were that spectacular and each of them had a negative component. I had just attended Bull Riding on Friday night, the ABA is not much of a league and Supercross was in San Diego about 90 minutes south of Anaheim. In the end, I decided to attend Pro Bull Riding for the second consecutive night because it started earlier, it was closer to where I was staying and it was a much more legitimate league.

I ended up buying a ticket from the Box Office for $23.50. I could have bought a ticket for $20 from scalpers but that seemed too much. By the time, I arrived to the Box Office I had already passed all of the scalpers.

The event was the same as the night before but much more crowded since it was a Saturday night.