Pro Bull Riding in Anaheim. by Ultimate Sports Fan, Andrew

I have not seen Pro Bull Riding before so I decided to drive to Anaheim to see the top bull riding tour. I wanted to pay $10 to get in, but instead I paid $20 for a club level ticket since I have not sat in the club level of the Honda Center before.

Pro Bull Riding was basically what I expected – a bunch of cowboys trying to ride a bucking bull for up to 8 seconds. The scoring of a ride can be confusing – here are PBR’s scoring rules. Basically, both the rider and the bull are scored to determine an overall score. That rule is fair because a lot of riders last the 8 seconds since their bull does not perform well. In the event the bull really performs poorly a yellow flag is thrown (think a penalty in the NFL) which gives the rider an option for a re-ride if he does not like his overall score.

Celebrity sightings are often one of the most fun parts of any sports event. To my surprise, bull riding has its share of celebrity fans including Tommy Lasorda who partnered with Tom Teague to purchase and own his own bull.

The event’s clown provides some comedy during the events downtime which occurs more often than one would expect. The entire event is entertaining but not one I would ever travel for. My next PBR event will be in April when the PBR rides at the Allstate Arena – a first for Chicago.