Loyola Women’s Basketball (January 31, 2008) by Ultimate Sports Fan, Andrew

Two weeks ago I wrote about attending a Men’s Horizon League game for the first time because there were no other games in Chicago. Well, Thursday afternoon I attended a Women’s Horizon League game! I was planning to attend the Men’s Loyola game at 7:00 pm, when I saw the women were playing at 4:45 pm. I feel it is more fun to attend a weekday afternoon game (when you can) rather than an evening game. In fact, this was my 3rd weekday afternoon Women’s Basketball game of the season. I attended the DePaul game on December 12, 2007 and the Northwestern game on December 20, 2007.

Tickets were only $5. I counted about 50 people in the stands (although the box score states 288). I caught the souvenirs they threw out – not much competition of course :-).