DePaul Women's Basketball over the Chicago Bulls? (January 29, 2008) by Ultimate Sports Fan, Andrew

I had planned to go to the Chicago Bulls game Tuesday night when the Ultimate Sports Wife said she wanted to go to BW3 for dinner. Since the DePaul Women’s Basketball team plays only a couple of blocks from the restaurant, I decided to go to their game instead of the Chicago Bulls (since we would eat at 9 pm versus 10:30 pm). Also, proximity to the home or a restaurant is generally the deciding factor when choosing between events that occur frequently.

I expected the price to be the same for each game. I normally pay $10 for Bulls tickets through scalpers and the cost for a DePaul Women’s game is $10 (scalpers generally do not work Women’s College Basketball or any third tier sporting event). However, when I got to the ticket window, a guy yelled at me that he had extras. I paid him $6 for the ticket. For fun, we negotiated whether to pay $5 or $7. When prices are this low, it is more about the banter than the savings.