Phoenix Suns at Chicago Bulls by Ultimate Sports Fan, Andrew

A Sunday afternoon at a Bulls game? Before Sunday, the Bulls had not played a Sunday afternoon game at home since January 25, 2004 (a game I also attended). Scottie Pippen was on the team back then! Sunday’s game was fairly uneventful. Kirk Hinrich scored over 30 points for the second time this week and the Bulls could not hit a shot.

Also, for the second time this week I bought a $50 face value ticket for $10. I was supposed to meet up with a person who posted a ticket on craigslist. I was hoping to pay $10 for the ticket (we had not agreed on a price yet), even though the craigslist ad said “$25 per ticket or reasonable offer”. While I was waiting, a guy came up to me and offered me a $20 ticket. I bargained him down to $10. I called the person from craigslist and said I no longer needed the ticket.