Michigan at Northwestern: Paid $20 for a $50 ticket by Ultimate Sports Fan, Andrew

I took the L up to Northwestern for the game. As I exited Central station in Evanston, many Michigan fans had extra tickets for sale. Most wanted face value ($50), or close to it, and had more than one ticket they needed to sell. I found a fan that only had one extra ticket but he wanted face value as well. I told him no, but kept him within a reasonable distance as we both walked the few blocks towards the stadium. Once we got to the stadium, I offered him $10 for the ticket. He said he would not take any less than $20. Instead of trying to negotiate I paid the $20.

I am now 2-4 when seeing Northwestern play Michigan. Although Michigan tried hard to lose the game, Northwestern tried harder...and succeeded.

Pre Game Comments
Northwestern hosts Michigan at 11 am CT today. I have seen Northwestern play Michigan 5 times (once in Ann Arbor and 4 times in Evanston). Northwestern is 2-3 in those games the two victories coming in 1996 and 1997 when Northwestern went to the Rose Bowl and Citrus Bowl, respectively. Both Michigan and Northwestern have struggled this season. So, hopefully, Northwestern will even up my record vs. Michigan.