Fleece Blanket Night #2: All Dodger fleece blankets and "The Short Stop" are safe by Ultimate Sports Fan, Andrew

The Rockies continued their push to the playoffs by winning their 11th consecutive game in a row – a club record. We had already bought two tickets to the game. However, a friend of mine at work, Erik Thureson, gave us two more tickets a few minutes before we left for the game. We thought about selling the $35 face value tickets outside of Dodger Stadium, but decided to call our friends, Elizabeth and Jay Terrien, since they live by the ballpark. Our friends made the mistake of almost leaving their fleece blankets at their seats when we went to buy food. I told them the story of the last fleece blanket night I went to. Fortunately this night was free of any thugging.

We ended the night by having a beer at The Short Stop which is right across the street from El Compadre. This is probably the best local post game Dodger bar… it is a mix of LA hip with classic dive bar cool. All the beers are $5 except PBRs which are $2.50.

Pre Game Comments
We’re heading back to Dodger Stadium tonight. The Rockies are in the midst of a pennant race and a club record winning steak which makes the game more interesting than usual.

It is also Fleece Stadium Blanket night #2 – the second fleece blanket giveaway of the year. In exchange for half price tickets, we agreed to give Will Liu one of the fleece blankets we will receive tonight. However, we’ll see how many fleece blankets we have by then end of the game. I went to the first Fleece Stadium Blanket night with my parents on April 30 this year. We received three blankets that night. While we ate our Carl’s Jr. Hamburgers in the park, someone stole two of our blankets leaving us with one. To add injury to that insult, as we got back to our car, I noticed that the “Cubs” portion of my “Chicago Cubs” license plate holder had been removed. We are still driving around with a license plate holder that only says “Chicago.” We’ll see if fleece blanket night brings out the worse in Dodger fans again.