All-Time Cubs Attendance Record from Rooftop Seats by Ultimate Sports Fan, Andrew

I have watched the Cubs play from one of Wrigley's famous rooftops 7 times this season. We know one of the owners so he lets us on the roof from time to time. Today I am going to the rooftop to watch the second game in the Pirates at Cubs series as the Cubs make a push for the playoffs. You are allowed to enter the rooftop 30 minutes before the game so I am heading over now.

We spent the day on the rooftop so we were not officially counted as part of the Cubs all time attendance record. The Cubs 2007 attendance surpassed 3.2 million today which is a single-season franchise record. When the attendance flashed on the board we had a thought: Why not count the rooftop as the outfield upper deck of Wrigley Field? The Cubs shave off 17% of rooftop revenues why do they have to point shave their attendance. Donít we count as fans or at least half of one?