The Magic of Wrigley from the Limited View Seats by Ultimate Sports Fan, Andrew

In the 8th inning of last night’s Cubs game, Ken Griffey, Jr. injured himself "again" on a Derrek Lee single. In the next at-bat, Matt Murton hit a short blooper into left field which Adam Dunn said he caught, but the umpire ruled the ball hit the ground. The actual catch did not matter since Ryan Theriot was tagging up on the play anyway. But Dunn complained that the outfield at Wrigley is treacherous.

"I'm surprised more people don't get injured out there. It's as bad as there is," Dunn said. "It's worse than playing in a parking lot. It looks like they had a monster truck rally. It's terrible. There's potholes. It's bad. It's unsafe."

We get it Dunn, you're done. There may not be crying in baseball but there is sure a lot of whining.

On that note, all of this drama and baseball was taken in from one of Wrigley's famous obstructed view seats. You have never felt so stupid until you have sat in Wrigley Field with a 6 inch wide pole, 6 inches in front of your face, shifting your head back and forth with each pitch.

Pre Game Comments
Tonight we are going to the Cubs game as well. Weather is supposed to be the same as last night. I sold my tickets to Stacy Grobe for face value at the start of the season because I was not supposed to be in Chicago tonight. So we bought tickets from the box office for $16 each since the cheapest seats on Stubhub were $36 each. This way we avoid dealing with scalpers. Also, the odds of finding a ticket under face value are lower when the market is above face value the day of the game.