Northwestern ends Duke's 22 game losing streak by Ultimate Sports Fan, Andrew

The Ultimate Sports Wife and I are heading to Evanston to see Northwestern host Duke this evening at 7 pm (the first Northwestern night game I have been to since Northwestern upset Ohio St. on 10/2/2004). We are planning to tailgate beforehand with our friend Patrick Geenen (who still needs to write a guest article for our site).

The going rate for a non-conference football game at Northwestern is $10 per ticket outside the stadium. If you work at it you can receive a free ticket or buy one for $5. Instead, I bought two tickets for $16 on stubhub this afternoon (face value $16 per ticket). I have not used stubhub too much to buy tickets, but the price was right.

Unbelievable! I did not think Northwestern would end Duke's 22 game losing streak but they did (ok...maybe I'm not that surprised). I guess you can say we saw a record last night --> Duke's last win came on Sept. 17, 2005 against Virginia Military Institute and they had not defeated a major college team since Nov. 13, 2004 against Clemson - a span of 27 games. Duke also recorded its first road victory since Nov. 22, 2003 when it defeated North Carolina, 30-22. All good records except when it comes against your alma mater. I have now seen Northwestern host Duke three times (1997, 2002, and 2007) and Northwestern is 2-1 in those games.

Also, we met a crazy fan that would not let you sit in the open seat he paid for even with 4 additional seats open to the right of him. I've heard of these people but never experienced it for myself.