Ultimate Fan attends a game at every MLB stadium. How long will it last? by Ultimate Sports Fan, Andrew

It happened in 1999, in Miami to be exact. After a childhood of game attendance, road trips and dragging along innocent bystanders as chaperones or companions, I finally attended a game at every MLB stadium. And, yes, at that time the list included Candlestick Park, Veterans Stadium, The Kingdome, and Olympic Stadium in Montreal.

What was an accomplish of a young fan’s lifetime was squashed in a mere 10 days of glory with the opening of the new Safeco field in Seattle and it did not end with Seattle. 2000 came with a vengeance. With the millennium came the opening of 4 new ballparks – each one back tracking my childhood goal. Peace can be fleeting and happiness is so short lived.

Since 1999, I have been back chasing every baseball fans dream. And this is no easy task it seems as though a new stadium is knocked down and a new stadium is built up with each passing year. There is constant anxiety to hurry up and see stadiums before they are gone, coupled with the added pressure of keeping up with all the shiny new stadiums. What was once a hobby is now an undertaking? Making matters worse, I also am attempting this goal across multiple leagues.

So today upon attending the Phillies – Blue Jays game at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, I have finally reached the summit…once again. No longer will people stump me with one or two stadiums that I have not attended and they have. And, for awhile, I am out of the race. But, the question remains, how long can this last?