Chicago Fire Part 2 by Ultimate Sports Wife, Nicole

If you have read any of the World Cup in review articles then you will know what a momentous sports experience it was. One of the highlights of the trip was being hosted by legendary football journalist and regular, Jamie Trecker, and his wife Lisa Trecker, in their chic Munich apartment for 3 days of our trip. Lisa played mother hen and gracious host to a parade of FOX Sports employees venturing over to Germany for the World Cup. We were among the “moochers.” This past Thursday, we took in a Fire game with this other Ultimate Sports couple and celebrated Jamie’s forth coming book “Love and Blood: At the World Cup with Footballers, Fans, and Freaks.”

You may have read our tips on how to take in a Chicago Fire game which includes a mandatory trip to the epic Mi Tierra’s on 26th St and Kedzie Ave. Jamie and Lisa, being avid readers of this site, decided to join us for this essential Chicago Fire ritual. Fortunate for us, they are native Southsiders so our commute to Toyota Park included a delightful tour of everything the south side of Chicago has to offer: smoke stacks, a DMV where you can get a motorcycle license, a furniture store called “IDEA” – modeled after IKEA, and an abandoned gas station with a sign stating “everything must go.” Lisa hoping the shrubbery was included with an empty gas cylinder and a glass chard. Southside slams aside, we did enjoy driving through Jamie and Lisa’s stomping ground of Bridgeport, which had more history than a Northsider could ever imagine. We officially recommend adding this tour to your itinerary when attending the Chicago Fire.

The game ended with a Fire loss but all was not lost. It was $1 hot dog night – discovered by the Ultimate Fan – and we all partook in the bounty before our Mi Tierra meal. In addition, the Fire pulled out all the stops with an exciting half-time show where a DePaul University student kicked a goal for glory winning himself a year’s worth of Chipotle. Sign that kid up! The night was topped off with quesadillas, chorizos and other Mi Tierra essentials.

The best part of the night, aside from the food, was Jamie previewing that this Ultimate Sports couple – yours truly - has a small mention in his book (since the book is currently in the editing phase, there is still hope that our World Cup trip will be immortalized in this soon to be best-seller). More details and cheap plugs to come soon.