Double Header around the Bay Area: by Ultimate Sports Fan, Andrew

I flew up to San Jose last night to visit my parents. This afternoon we watched San Jose St. play Fresno St. Tonight we saw the Golden State Warriors play the Milwaukee Bucks.

San Jose St. beat Fresno St. 24-14 in the first game of the day. My dad and brother waited in a long line to buy General Admission tickets while I hung out at the end of the line hoping for some cheaper tickets. There were extra tickets but everyone wanted face value ($15). After about 10 minutes my favorite person showed up.....a fan with about 10 comp tickets. He asked how many I needed and I said 3. He handed me 3 tickets for free and we were on our way into the game.

We did not get free tickets at the Golden State Warriors game tonight since getting a set of 4 tickets for free is normally difficult. We arrived at the Oracle Arena parking lot a little before 7 pm which is a little early to get good deals from scalpers. The scalpers wanted face value. You might as well buy from the box office for a poorly attended game if the scalpers want face.

The Warriors had a 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 soda, 4 chip deal which my parents wanted to purchase for $111. However, after realizing they had $10 tickets available and that there would be lots of room in the arena we decided to forego the hot dog deal and spend the extra $71 on food we wanted. That was a good idea as we bought two combo seafood plates, 1 soda and 5 beers for the $71 we saved on the value deal.

Tomorrow we are planning to see the Raiders host the Houston Texans. As we left the Warriors game we saw Raiders fans already lining up to enter the parking lot. Ah, the excitement of spending the night in the Oakland Coliseum parking lot. We'll look forward to hanging out with them in the morning.