Give Thanks for Great Sports: by Ultimate Sports Wife, Nicole

As a follow-up to a previous article entitled: "Any Trip Can Be a Sporting Trip: Disney and the Magic of the Orlando Magic," we thought we try for a little experiment. Does the magic of sports need the magic of Disney (at least in Orlando)? Well, turns out... it does.

If you are going to do a "sports getaway" in Orlando, Disney is a MUST. You may not realize it until you try the alternative.

We started by going to the Universal Studios City Walk- some pre-entertainment before an Orlando Magic game. Also, on the itinerary was a high speed adventure to the NASCAR café.

Upon our arrival to Universal, we were charged 10 bucks for crappy parking that was 20 minutes away from the shopping and restaurants. Contrast that to Disney, which was free and adjacent to the shops and parking, this was a real rip-off. Then, our NASCAR dreams of a quick pit stop for food and beer went a-bust when, to our horror, the NASCAR Café was boarded-up and closed for remodeling. We were forced to walk to the NBA City Restaurant where the only interactive activities included measuring your handprint against some NBA has-beens and a speed drill that cost three quarters. BITE ME.

Although the burgers were great, the up-selling and dessert pushing waiters were pathetic...not to mention the fact that they aired college football on all of their big screens TVs. Let me point out the oh-so-obvious and say that if you have a restaurant called, "NBA City" and think the NBA is not worthy of your restaurant, then you may be in big-ass trouble. (But, I am no restaurateur).

Fortunately, the Orlando Magic game was a winner. They beat the Atlanta Hawks in an impressive fashion, and their mascot body surfed the audience. We snuck down to better seats and sat next to the team of official score keepers.

Despite the fact that we had to plug our ears during the embarrassment of a halftime show (an American Idol Finalist who will remain nameless since we don’t know his name), the night turned out to be a great Thanksgiving get-a-way.

We are oh so thankful for great sports but less than thankful for Universal Studios. Blah!