Six Nations Fans Inspired by Italian Fashion: by Ultimate Sports Wife, Nicole

The Six Nations tournament is a yearly event of international rugby. In case you are wondering who the six nations are...Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, and England.

Rather than this event being a cutthroat tournament matching the blood and brutality of rugby (like full contact American football without pads or helmets), this tournament is one big party shared between the six host cities.

This year, we enjoyed the party in Rome and its funny, but the location seemed to inspire many of the fans. Fans were decked-out in their designer duds honoring their team as well as Italy.

We saw the Scotts in their traditional kilts-kicking it up a level with the pooba hats (see below) while the Italian fans, not to be outdone, created kilts of their own, beer hats and some upscale skirts that go well with Louis Vuitton.

To my surprise, the "Romans" below were actually from England and were merely getting into the Italian spirit of the matches.

Dare I say it, but this Six Nations had fan fashion and spirits that might have even outdone what I have seen at the World Cup.