A record setting night in the NHL: by Ultimate Sports Fan, Andrew

Luc Robitaille and I set records on Thursday night (Jan. 19, 2006). Luc Robitaille became the LA Kings leading goal scorer. And, I set a personal fan record - the most goals seen in an NHL game.

Lucís first goal of the game tied Marcel Dionneís franchise record of 550 goals. His second goal surpassed him with 551 goals - an LA Kings franchise record. During the rest of the game, nine other players scored 10 additional goals to give the Kings a 7-6 lead which tied my all-time goals seen record of 13 (when the Toronto Maple Leafs defeated the Chicago Blackhawks 10-3 on November 12, 1998).

Luc Robitaille may have set his record with 551 goals but his final goal of the game - an empty net goal with less than 4 seconds left in the game - gave him a hat trick and set my own personal record of seeing 14 goals scored in the same game. Good game Luc!