Road Trip to San Diego: by Ultimate Sports Fan, Andrew

I never intended to go to San Diego today. After my Staples Center double header yesterday my intention was to attend the Tiger Woods’ Target World Challenge in Thousand Oaks, CA – about a 30 minute drive vs. a 2 hour drive. As I started to drive on the I-10 I started to think how I would never to 4 NFL games in 4 weeks in 4 cities in 3 different time zones. After that thought the car drove South on the 405 instead of North.

After arriving in San Diego I realized I only had $70 in cash. That needed to cover my game ticket and parking. I found a mini mall by the stadium where the scalpers swarmed. I bought a $71 ticket for $50 and learned there was free parking along the street where the mall was. Nice...$20 left.

In the stadium I was sitting amongst many Dolphins fans. At halftime, I walked around the stadium. The stadium was a dump which made me long for my days of wandering Candlestick Park in San Francisco. I love the classic 1960 stadium. During the second half the Dolphins took a big lead which made the game exciting in the stands. The Dolphins won 23-21.