DH at Staples Center: by Ultimate Sports Fan, Andrew

I have often been asked by other obsessive, sports fans: Is it possible (and worth it) to do a double header at the Staples Center without the Lakers in the mix?

I am here to say...YES, you can sports fans!

I arrived at Staples Center at 1 pm for the Los Angeles Kings game. Outside the arena I bought a $52.50 ticket for $10. Inside the arena I sat next to the two guys I bought the ticket from. It turned out that one of the guys, named Mark ----, was moving into the office about 10 feet from where I sit at work the following Monday.

Normally there are a few hours in between the two games so you’ll need to find some way to occupy your time. The best bet in the neighborhood? A little place called the Daily Grill on Flower Street which has a Saturday afternoon Happy Hour. There you will find gourmet appetizers for $2.95 and half priced drinks. Now, in LA drinks and food specials are very hard to come by so be sure to check this out even when you are not doing a double header.

Joining me for Happy Hour as well as the second leg of the double header was my friend, Scott Freeze, (See NASCAR article for a little more on Scott). After a few drinks and great food, we head back to the Staples Center for a Clippers game.

Now, the Clippers game was uneventful but the point here is that a Staples Center double header is a worthwhile pursuit-with or without the Lakers.