HOCKEY IN ANAHEIM: by Ultimate Sports Fan, Andrew

I went to Anaheim today for a Mighty Ducks game.

To bring to life how BORING this game was, I present you a boring article. Feel it. Live it. Be BORED by it.

I have not seen the Mighty Ducks at home since March 17, 1996 - when Teemu Selanne recorded a hat trick and the Ducks won 5-1. I digress but since so little happened at this game, I must refer to previous games just to have stuff to write about.

Rather, than a hat trick, the Mighty Ducks got off to a slow start and lost the game 6-2.

The game was sparsely attended - which is good for bathroom and concession lines. Wow, a game so uneventful that I am reporting on the bathroom and concession lines.

Finally, for some reason the arena operators thought it was summertime with how much air conditioning they were pumping in the arena. Everyone was in their heavy winter jackets and hats! Now, if you are originally from Chicago and can brave a sub-zero Bears game or two, then this is entertaining in the absence of a good Ducks game.

Donít expect anymore Might Duck reports though. The drive from Los Angeles to Anaheim on a weekday evening normally takes between 90-105 minutes. Yikes, an LA traffic report in the absence of a game? Sorry.

You still there? You in a coma? You still have a pulse? Thanks for sticking with me on this one.