Two Games at the Lakers: by Ultimate Sports Fan, Andrew

Lakers basketball is a fixture in LA. But, so is another sport- Star Sighting. Going to the Lakers means you better be ready to watch to simultaneous games- the basketball as well as the parade oí stars that make a second career on being famous fans.

Tonight, colleague, Tim Brady, approached me with an offer too good to refuse- two great seats to the Lakers game - with a parking pass! Who am I to say no?

We arrived at the game and with the tip off and a Jack Nicholson sighting, our two games began. Tim started to point out all the famous people he normally sees and then we looked for more. Here is a list of who we saw:

1) Famous Lakers Party Guy
2) Jack Nicholson
3) Denzel Washington
4) Spike Lee who flew in from NYC- maybe he should check this site out for travel tips.
5) Woman a few rows in front of us who we think is famous but still donít know who she is. But, tons of folks were asking for pictures.
6) Another woman closer to us who was asked to be in a picture.
7) Chris Rock and Adam Sandler on the scoreboard.

Ok, thatís about it. I am a veteran when it comes to being a basketball fan. But, this LA sport of star sighting clearly needs some work.