MINOR LEAGUE HOCKEY IN LONG BEACH: by Ultimate Sports Fan, Andrew

Minor League Hockey was on the docket tonight. There were multiple reasons to go to Minor League Hockey:

1) See a new stadium.
2) Go to downtown Long Beach - somewhere I would never go unless for a sporting event.
3) Most likely the cheapest place in LA to get beer at a sporting event.

The problem with Minor League Hockey is that the game is just as expensive as an NHL game. Sure the face value price is $9 vs. $24.50 for the cheapest seats but I normally only spend $5-10 for a Kings game and there are no scalpers at Minor League Hockey.

I get to the game excited about how the normal $7-8 professionally priced beer will most likely be $2 cheaper "in the minors". Beer prices are not listed at the concession which I figure is just a minor league mistake. I order a beer, the concession woman states "$7.50 please"..."WHAT! I thought this was the Minor Leagues" I think. This is definitely the last Long Beach Ice Dogs game Iíll go to!

The game itself was pretty awful. Nobody was in the stadium - which is nice because lines are short but the play was pretty poor. I left after the second period realizing that I would need another beer to make it through this game which would double the cost of my ticket.