Three Generations of Fans Celebrating the World Series: by Ultimate Sports Wife, Nicole

The Ultimate Fanís World Series weekend began with three generations of Chicago Sports fans arriving on his door step: Grandfather Russell Van Cleve (age 83), Uncle Mark Van Cleve (age 51) and Cousin Luke Van Cleve (age 9). Traveling over 2000 miles from Oakland to Chicago, Russell, Mark, Luke and the Ultimate Fan represent three generations of fans seeking the ultimate sports trip. This weekend will be a first for the family of fans as they go for the ultimate sports weekend: Three games in two days (two of which are the World Series).

Schedule of Weekend Events:

Saturday, October 22:
Game 1 of the World Series

Sunday, October 23:
Chicago Bears Game
Game 2 of the World Series

Note: The Ultimate Sports wife is boycotting the entire sports weekend in protest of the White Sox in the Series. She sat on the couch most of the weekend wearing her "White SUX" tee shirt and watching the Lifetime movie network. (see picture)

Ultimate Sport Wife and Cubs Fan, Nicole, watches the Series from the couch-boycotting all SOX festivities with the family.   She says she has 'no comment' on the weekend.