The Ultimate Fan in scalping scam at Angels ALDS: by Ultimate Sports Fan, Andrew

I got greedy today; I saw a great price on ebay and I didn’t go for it. To fans everywhere, let this be a lesson: if you see a great price get it while you can. Now here are the gory details of the transaction.

After passing up the couple great deals on Angels tickets, I decided to head down to Angels Stadium to see if I could do better. Well, I couldn’t. But I didn’t know that at the time. There was a method to my madness. I have been to divisional series play at 5 other stadiums in the last 5 years and have always been able to pay under face value (except for the Cubs, of course). Once I got to the stadium, I realized I had made a “rookie” mistake. All brokers were asking for $100+ per ticket – anywhere in the stadium. Finally, I found a guy who sold me a ticket for $60. What I didn’t understand, was that the “price paid” for the ticket was overstated. The receipt said $62.57, but this could have been for more than one ticket since it was purchased from the Angels Ticket Exchange. When I got to my seat, in the bleachers, and saw other tickets I realized the face value of my ticket was $19. Thus, I had paid WAY over face value for the ticket.

To calm down, I thought I would buy myself a beer. While in line, I ran into Andrew Hossom, the Marketing Director of, and his 3 friends. I ended up following them up to their seats in the Upper Box (face value $40!!) and sat with them for part of the game. Thank you, Andrew Hossom, for rectifying my scalping errors for at least part of the game.

The game itself was good. However, the Yankees beat the Angels. Stay tuned for more playoff action to come.