The New Orleans Saints in San Antonio: by Ultimate Sports Fan, Andrew

You may think you need a few days to take a sporting trip, Iím here to tell you even one day may be too long. With the New Orleans Saints playing 3 games in San Antonio this season, I scheduled an 8 hour sports trip.

I flew on the inaugural Southwest Airlines non-stop flight between San Antonio and Chicago. My advice for getting to and from the airport is to take a taxi or the airport shuttle. Everything you need to see (Alamodome, the Alamo and the Riverwalk) are all within walking distance. After taking the airport shuttle, I walked into the Marriott Rivercenter.

The first item on the itinerary was the game, Buffalo Bills vs. New Orleans Saints at the Alamodome. Once I got to the stadium I bought a $45 ticket for $20 (with a face value of $0). Why was the face value $0 you ask? After talking to a few people in my section I realized I bought a ticket from a New Orleans evacuee. The evacuees I talked to were from Austin and San Antonio and were happy to be at a Saints game.

  • After the game I walked back to the river walk.
  • Walked around river walk
  • Ate dinner at Republic of Texas Restaurant
  • Walked around river walk some more
  • Saw the Alamo
  • Walked around river walk some more
  • Took airport shuttle back to airport
  • Flew to Los Angeles
  • A few hours are probably all the time most people need to take in the sites of San Antonio.