NASCAR in Review: Sony HD 500 by Ultimate Sports Wife, Nicole

This labor day weekend, we had the pleasure of seeing Kyle Busch win his first NASCAR event. But this was merely the culmination of a full day of NASCAR festivities and beer drinkin'.

It started with a supreme tailgate hosted by Xavier Stevens and girlfriend, Michelle. They supplied fabulous burgers and chips, but made the rookie mistake of bringing pretentious beer to the tailgate (to avoid such mistake, see the article "Tips for the NASCAR Novice"). But, they redeemed themselves by making the ultimate NASCAR music mix for the tailgate. They almost blew out their car battery just so we had the right soundtrack to eat our burgers and down our beers. Now, that is NASCAR dedication.

I got some fabulous action shots of the Ultimate Fan scalping some cheap tix to the race. Andrew’s scalping prowess got four of us in the race for only $60.

Congrats to friends, Kelly and Scott who enjoyed their first NASCAR race ever. The celebration ended in a traditional NASCAR feast: at the Denny’s, of course.

Sittin' on a cooler and tailgating NASCAR style. Jr., My favorite driver. So close to the track, I still got tire goop in my eyes...sweet! . The Ultimate Fan wheeling and dealing with a scalper at NASCAR.