Lancaster Jethawks: by Ultimate Sports Wife, Nicole

Ok, maybe we were scraping the bottom of the barrel but a trip to beautiful Lancaster, CA was just the thing we needed to get away from the stress and pace of LA. Plus, we were able to take in a Lancaster Jethawks game at "The Hanger-Clear Channel Stadium."

Well, we actually have two friends, Liz and Ben Diachun that call Lancaster home and the Jethawks their home team so visiting them was an incentive for a vacation in Lancaster. Thanks to Liz who went online and got us seats right behind the dugout. At $8/seat, she went all out to make us VIPs in Lancaster land.

Now, since Lancaster Jethawks are a Class A Minor League Team, you might be wondering: Why would anyone in their right mind travel 70 miles from metropolitan LA, endure Mojave desert temperatures, just to enjoy a Jethawks game?

Well, there is the chance to add another stadium to an already impressive record of stadium attendance. OK, that is not that great.

Hmm, there is a chance to see the up-in-coming talent in MLB...well, up-in-coming talent if the up-in-coming talent of the AA and AAA falls through.

Ok, well if that doesn't get you driving to the desert, then how about 2 dollar beers an hour before the game and $3.50 dollar beers until the 9th inning????!!!!!$%%#% Happy driving. Happy Drinking. Just donít do them together.

VIP..Behind the dugout at a Minor League Game! Line-up written on dry-erase board.