LA Dodgers vs. Colorado Rockies: by Ultimate Sports Wife, Nicole

I am certainly no Dodger fan. (Neither are most people from LA. Sorry to be honest). So, I am a prisoner to my location.

My first game, I indulged in the requite Dodger Dog to pass the time as well as started my own Hee Seop Choi chant. This game I made a point of realizing two other fabulous diversions.

First, I vowed to take a picture with the world famous Peanut Man, Roger Owens. After chasing him, up and down two rows, the world famous Peanut Man took time out from his Peanut throwing schedule to take a picture with me for

Props out to you Mr. Peanut Man and a plug for your new book: "The Perfect Pitch." It is the life story of Roger Owens the world famous Peanut Man from Dodger Stadium! Check him out at

The second diversion was heading to the Stadium Club for some drinks and food. The unfortunate thing was that they stopped serving in the 5th. Andrew was forced to steal some stinky cheesy from the waiters disassembling the buffet. Sure, it is one step away from sifting through the garbage but it sure tasted good with my martini.