True Troopers of Tennis...Three Days at WTA: by Ultimate Sports Wife, Nicole

We are the true troopers of Tennis. Andrew and I spent several days enjoying the excitement of Women's Tennis...minus a few stars...Serena, Venus and a few others. Hmmm, good thing this didn't have an effect on attendance. See picture below. At one point, the crickets were so loud in the stadium that the line judge seems annoyed.

Anyway, we had a splendid nap in the Landrover Luxury tent and realized that tennis is a very close second to golf in the most "nap-worthy" sport.

Finally, a huge perk of the event was the ultimate after-party with "Bowling for Soup" who performed on the first night.

Thanks to the folks at Sony Ericson, Andrew and I got backstage for an autograph session with the group, "Bowling for Soup" as well as tennis player, Dinara Safina. I ask her to sign my ticket stub and put a mustache and devil horns on Sharapovaís picture but the request got lost somewhere in the translation. She just said: "so, you donít want my autograph?" I gave up and just got the signature.

Also, a shout out to Chris from Bowling for Soup (in Celtics jersey) who wrote on my hat: "Chris Love Nicole." He wrote it backwards on the hat so unfortunately I didnít notice his profession of love until three days later while looking in the mirror. What an inefficient way to get a groupie for your band. I bet that Green Day knows better then to put their come-ons in code. Better luck next time, Chris. !oot, uoy evol I