X-Games in Review: by Ultimate Sports Wife, Nicole

Since we watched the ESPN folks set up the 10 story Big Air Ramp, we thought it obligatory that we take in as much XGames action as we could. In all, we caught BMX Vert Finals, BMX Best Trick, Skate Boarding Best Trick, Moto X Best Trick, and the grand daddy of it all....SKATE BOARD BIG AIR.

In all, we saw four atheletes taken away on stretchers- just in the events we attended. If the measure of a man's sport is an ambulance count, than the XGames beats out nearly everything. Go ahead, challenge me on this one. During the BMX Vert Finals, John Parker crashed and knocked himself out for several long minutes. Carted off on a spine board, he lifted his hand as the only sign to the fans that he was still able to move. XGames medals are won by landing the best trick but the unspoken law of the land, is that being carted off on a stretcher and living to tell the tale is much better than getting a frickin' medal. As for me, I was just happy that I got a cute shirt for girls that looked righteous!!!!