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[7 Apr 2010 | No Comment | ]
Second NBA Team Clinches the Playoffs at the United Center

April is one of the best times of the year to attend sporting events. You can attend a different sport every day. Consider my last four days. On Saturday, I attended the Final Four. On Sunday, I went to the Chicago Blackhawks game. Monday, I was at U.S. Cellular Field for MLB Opening Day. And tonight, I went to the Chicago Bulls game – four different leagues in as many days.
Tonight was the last game of the $10 tickets I bought at the beginning …

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[31 Mar 2010 | One Comment | ]
Quick Change Defines Game for Suns and Bulls

At first, it appeared the Phoenix Suns would blow out the Chicago Bulls in a game that would clinch the Suns a playoff spot in the Western Conference.  They took an early 12-point lead and were ahead by nine points at the end of the first quarter.  That quickly changed in the second quarter as the Bulls caught up and took a three point lead into halftime.
At halftime, Quick Change performed.  The last time I saw Quick Change perform was this winter at a Northwestern men’s basketball game.  As usual, …

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[25 Mar 2010 | No Comment | ]

With the wife traveling to Miami, OH this weekend for a synchronized skating competition, I chose to visit my parents in San Francisco – the less of two evils. I had a free ticket on Southwest Airlines to use by May 11 and this was the best weekend to use it.
I landed in Oakland around noon and posted on my facebook page “just landed in San Francisco.” Thirty minutes later a friend of mine, who has Golden State Warriors season tickets, commented “Want some warriors tix for tonight?” …

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[4 Mar 2010 | No Comment | ]
Entertainment Breaks Out at Bulls Game

For some, attending a Chicago Bulls game on a cold winter night can be considered, well, boring. However, tonight the Bulls (or I should say the Grizzlies and the fans) added some entertainment that was unexpected.
First, during the first timeout of the first quarter, hypnotist Tom Silver, ran onto the court and announced he was looking for volunteers for the halftime show. He selected 40+ people randomly and they went into a back room to be further “evaluated.” It seemed that anyone who was within the first couple of rows …

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[2 Mar 2010 | No Comment | ]
Beating the (Chicago) Bull(s) at Their Own Game

The Bulls and many other teams would have you believe that their group rates are the way to save money. As I prepared to go to the game tonight on a cheap, pre-bought $10 ticket, I could not help but think at how people are duped into shelling out money for sports tickets regardless of how much teams ask.
Case in point, I bought a “group” ticket for $23 for Friday night’s Bulls game. Part of my evening on Friday night included chatting with the Bulls ticket manager. With the understanding …

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[26 Feb 2010 | No Comment | ]
Group Tickets at the Bulls = Suck It Up and Pay!

When you go to as many sporting events as I do, you eventually get to a point where you say – “there has to be some sort of degree or diploma for all the dumb stuff I know.” Northwestern does actually have a Masters Degree in Sports Administration. Of course, I am being tongue in cheek here; it is actually a good program. But I cannot help but make fun of myself – at commencement while others were handing in Masters Theses entitled “The Photosynthetic Properties of the Midwestern Fern,” …

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[21 Feb 2010 | No Comment | ]

It was a Saturday night and I had nothing going on.  So, of course, I chose to attend the Chicago Bulls game versus the Philadelphia 76ers.
I did not have a ticket ahead of time so I planned to buy one outside of the United Center.  I was hoping to buy a ticket similar to the one I did on Tuesday night but for a cheaper price.
Once again I was able to park on Washington Blvd. in between Wood St. and Wolcott Ave. for free.  It is only a short two …

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[16 Feb 2010 | No Comment | ]
$40 for a $120 ticket: Knicks at Bulls

With the wife not getting home until late Tuesday night, I attended the Chicago Bulls game versus the New York Knicks.
Pre Game Dining and Parking
I parked on Washington Blvd. in between Wood St. and Wolcott Ave. for free and walked a few blocks to Billy Goat’s Tavern before the game. This one block on Washington Blvd. (two blocks directly north of the United Center) is the only block north of the arena where you can see the United Center with no parking restrictions.
Obtaining Tickets
I did not have a $10 …

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[24 Jan 2010 | No Comment | ]

Nicole and I left Chicago at noon and arrived at our hotel by 4:30 pm (with some stops along the way). The hotel (which I was concerned about based on reviews online) was great! It was a 4-star hotel – the lobby and rooms were luxurious, but not “that” luxurious. With Nicole happy with the hotel, I was relieved and ready to attend the Indiana Pacers game for the third time this season. Since Nicole wanted to rest when she got to the hotel the Pacers …

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[17 Jan 2010 | No Comment | ]

After buying my ticket for the Colts playoff game, buying my ticket for the Pacers game was easy. On my walk looking for Colts tickets, I had already checked in with the Conseco Fieldhouse box office – cheapest ticket was $10. I was planning to buy a $10 ticket from the box office when I walked by a few scalpers. I offered them $5 for a ticket and the guy asked for $10. I looked at the ticket and the face value was $125. I paid the $10 immediately.
I realized …