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Thugs, Slugs, Opening Day…and The Hooligans Who Make it Suck

11 September 2008 2 Comments

The NFL season is a week underway. For the second year in a row, I made it to opening day in true form. Last year, I was in San Diego to see my Bears, unfortunately, lose against the Chargers. This year, I was supporting my in-law’s favorite team, the Niners, against the Cardinals. Unfortunately, the highlight of both of these years was the tailgate before the games.

Of course, the loss is always a downer but more recently, NFL hooligans are also a pretty big downer that seem to be getting worse. Last year, this jerk was yelling racial slurs at Bears Fans. At the Niners game, another guy had me yelling “pants up in front!” while I was trying to enjoy the game.

And then, during Monday Night Football, the Ultimate Fan and his dad, watched Raider fans beating each other bloody. An intimidated usher did not even send for help and fans had to take matters in their on hands when cleaning crews merely wiped away blood at McAfee Collesium with water. It took a good samaritan fan to find a supervisor to bleach and disinfect the bloody railings. 

The NFL recently took measure to curb NFL hooliganism which they finally “realized” was on the rise. In fact, in 2003, at a Bengals game, I saw a man so drunk that he fell on a elderly woman in the row in front of him. Of course, her son decked him in the face but he was too drunk to react. I can’t help but wonder if it is a little too late. Sure, there are great NFL fans and it is always a vocal and embarrassing minority that ruin it for everyone. But, come on, the NFL is getting so out of hand that you might as well tailgate outside the stadium and corral all the jerk-offs in the stadium. This is truly a new low.


  • rebelsushi#9 said:

    hmmm…. its been awhile since ive been to an nfl game but ill take your word for it that its a widespread thing.

    the racial slurs and the male exposure needs to just stop.

    but the fighting… eh… if its just dumb boys beating up other dumb boys… i guess they are having a fun. Fistacuffs are a national past time and as long as the vatos dont bring out the knives and pistolas its all good.

    but i think your implying that its almost too late here cause there is like a culture of violence thing going on. that to go to an nfl game and to have fun at it you have to act this way for these hooligans. I think that might be the case.. cause the only way to prevent it would just be more security and i wonder if that would stop stuff from happening in tailgates or just pushing the culture elsewhere.

  • Nicole Martorano Van Cleve said:

    Thanks for the comment. I definitely do not think that it is necessary to act like this if you go to an NFL but it has become more acceptable overtime. In fact, you have to be ready to deal with it if you buy a ticket. Like the elderly woman who had some drunk guy fall on her.

    The NFL should just start doing what they do in European soccer: creating a Hooligan watch list of people are too violent to be in the stadium.

    This Raiders nonsense was insane. Who wants to sit in a section where fans are shedding blood? That’s a biohazard and doesn’t mix with football.

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