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Canseco: A Hot Mess that is Too Hard to Ignore

12 July 2008 One Comment

As you may know, I have a few posts on the heated debate in our household about whether Jose Canseco is a Hero or Zero. I try not to entertain Jose by publicizing his antics, but lately, he has been such a hot mess that he is hard to ignore.

It started when I was reading my favorite celebrity trash blog, Perez Hilton, and guess who is airing his dirty laundry in US Weekly?

You got it…Andrew’s childhood hero(zero), Jose Canseco. Given his number tell-all books, I didn’t think it was possible to air anything dirtier than to be a juicer but apparently, there is more.

Not to be out done by a younger, more handsome A-Rod and his alleged affair with Madonna, Jose felt the need to remind us all that in the early 90′s, he was quite the catch with the ladies. He was Madonna’s first choice in ‘ball’ players so much so that Madonna was trying to bottle his sperm.

Canseco told US Weekly, that back in 1991, “She had a Cuban child (Lourdes) and wanted another one. She wanted to get married and have a child with me – she wanted a Cuban child.” Too bad, that Lourdes wasn’t born until AFTER 1991.

Details, shmee-tails…

I couldn’t help but wonder ‘why all the fuss about Jose’s Cuban sperm?’ Then, I realized that Jose is trying to soak up any publicity that he (or his sperm) can in order to hype up his upcoming Celebrity Deathmatch with Vai Sikahema, a former NFL player. The two HasBeens will duke it out in Atlantic City tonight, July 12th, in three, two-minute rounds, wearing head gear and 14-ounce gloves. Note: The winner of this match with fight another pariah of sports, Johnny “I am a racist homophobe” Rocker.

Jose Canseco has made his share of enemies in that past decade. He has sold out his friends, and outed some of the baseball’s elite. You would think that there would be a significant amount of people standing in line to bash Jose in a deathmatch. Apparently, all they could get was Vai Sikahema- another washed-up player who I had to Google to figure out whether he actually played as a professional athlete.

Apparently, in the ultimate sign that Jose Canseco is a zero(not a hero) is the fact that he is such a pariah in sports that even his enemies don’t want to take a swing.

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  • intelligentsiapr said:

    honestly – even though i will grant that jose canseco is just out to make some bucks — you know that the walking steriod speaks the truth.

    first off, who isn’t out to make a buck. jose is villafied by white america because he is attacking the sanctaty of baseball. baseball and madonna and everyone who loves them simply want to push their crazy under the rug and call it an abberition.

    with so much money involved… how could anyone believe bball players AREN”T on steriods and that Madonna doesn’t have a pathological need for cuban sperm.


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