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Opening Day 2008 »

[27 Mar 2008 | No Comment | ]

I have been counting down ‘til Cubs Opening Day for much longer than I would like to admit. In fact, it’s a little obsessive. I am getting invites to Opening Day parties. Mike and Mike will be at Murphy’s before dawn on March 31st. And, all around the neighborhood, there are small signs that Cub’s season is a comin.’
First, I started this blog. This is the 100th anniversary of the Cub’s last World Series win. I feel that I should commemorate the summer …

Chicago Bulls »

[27 Mar 2008 | No Comment | ]

Again, there was a lack of scalpers outside the Bulls game. It must be the low prices Bulls tickets are selling for now. I walked up to one of the box offices and a man had a $120 ticket available. He offered it for $60 but that was still too much for me. I probably would have paid $30 but never made the offer. After a couple minutes I asked another guy if he had an extra ticket. He had a $10 ticket and …